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Advanced English Grammar Refresher


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This course is designed for learners who need a refresher on English grammar using a USA-speaking style.

Includes assessments.


The course focuses on the basic parts of speech and common errors in spoken English. Modules include: Subject-Verb Agreement, Present Continuous and Simple Present, Action and Non-Action Verbs, Present Perfect vs Simple Past, Passive vs Active Voice, Articles, Prepositions, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Yes/No Questions, Question Tags and an Assessment.


The course is designed for learners with a range of English competency from intermediate (A2) to fluent (C2). Learners at B2 level and above will get the most benefit.


The modules present narrated explanations followed by exercises that incorporate listening, reading, writing in blanks, and speaking.


The complete course is designed to take 10 hours. Each lesson can be used individually and the package can be used as a resource for reference. There is an Assessment at the end that covers all the topics.

Instructor Support

Instructors can check learner progress and listen to all the recordings. 

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