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USA Voice and Accent Training


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USA Voice and Accent: USA Communication Package

Includes Assessment.

This course is designed for learners who wish to improve their ability to communicate in English using a USA-speaking style.

Customized for speakers from India, the Philippines, Latin America and the English-speaking Caribbean.


The course covers the fundamental building blocks of American-style speech at the phoneme, word and sentence level. Start with Vowel and Consonant accuracy, then continue to Word Stress, Reductions, Linking, Sentence Intonation and Rhythm and Pacing.


The course is designed for learners with a range of English competency from intermediate (B1) to fluent (C2). Learners at B2 level and above will get the most benefit.


The modules present a focused selection of speaking practice drills that allow learners to systematically build new skills. This practice helps learners internalize and adopt a new way of speaking English.

Ideally the modules should be taken in order. However, if there are specific pronunciation issues that need to be addressed, individual modules can be used on their own.


The complete course is designed to take 10 to 12 hours. The recommended format is 2 hours per day continuously for 1 week for maximum benefit from repeated practice.

Trainer Support

Trainers can check learner progress and listen to all the recordings. Using the SocioLearner Track Tag tool, trainers can make text and audio comments directly on the learners' audio tracks to provide feedback and encourage further practice.

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