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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

Communicating Professionally: North America


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USA Culture and Communication Package - Performance Level

This course helps learners communicate professionally in North America. It presents the communication styles of Americans in a workplace culture, with explanations about cultural differences and exercises to practice recording.

Each scenario illustrates a verbal interaction around a specific competency. The scenarios are chosen to show how people from different cultures express meaning in different ways.

The scenarios and competencies presented are:

  • Building Relationships (greetings, social contact, small talk)
  • Active Listening (understanding customer needs)
  • Approaching a Co-Worker (topic shifts)
  • Asking for Assistance (courtesy, assumptions)
  • Acknowledging an Error (receiving feedback)
  • Working Out a Problem A & B (handling conflict)
  • Standing Your Ground (refusing a request to break rules)



The course is designed for learners with a range of English competency from intermediate (B1) to fluent (C2). 


The modules can be taken in any order and repeated as often as needed. This course can be used together with USA Culture and Communication - Preparation which covers Regional Accents, Culture through Stories, and Geography.


This course will take approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Trainer Support

Trainers can check learner progress for completion.

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