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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

Communicating Professionally: Customer Service Voice


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Includes Assessment.

This course is designed for learners who need foundational instruction in Customer Service skills in a voice environment.


Gain understanding of the principles of good customer service.

Practice the critical skills of good customer service by recording your voice.


This course uses explanations, examples, and exercises to illustrate and train on effective customer service.

Topics covered are:

How  much do you know about Customer Service?

Active Listening - Acknowledging and Paraphrasing, Empathizing, Reassuring 

Professional Tone of Voice and Positive Language

Mirroring and Verbal Collision

Call Control and Small Talk


The course is designed for learners with a range of English competency from intermediate (B1) to fluent (C2). It is especially useful for learners at B2 level who need more practice to improve their communication skills. The course includes a Pre-Test and a Post-Test. The following guidelines can be used for aligning test results to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference):

>90% C2

70% to 89% C1

50% to 69% B2

20% to 49% B1

<20% A2 or below


The modules are designed to be taken in order as the progression follows a typical call flow. These pages can be turned on or off as required to emphasize priority skills. 

This course can be used as an entirely self-access course. Or, instructors can use the LearningBranch tracking and commenting tool to give feedback to learners on their work.


This course will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Trainer Support

Trainers can check learners' progress for completion and scores.

Trainers can use the optional  instructor-scored assignments to evaluate and give feedback. These optional lessons can be turned off if desired.


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