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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

Medical Office Assistant Communication Skills


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Ten lessons focusing on specific communication strategies useful for Medical Office Assistants in a clinic or doctor's office.

Learn how to manage a variety of interactions at a busy counter and communicate with co-workers, visitors, and patients, face-to-face and on the phone.

Lessons include audio and video interactions on a variety of topics including: Active Listening with a Client, Approaching a Co-Worker, Interrupting, Organizing a Telephone Request, Asking for Help, Using Empathy with a Client, Fixing a Co-worker's Mistake, Acknowledging an Error, Handling a Busy Waiting Room, Assertiveness on the Phone


Unit Name
Competency 1
Competency 2
Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Active Listening with a Client Active Listening Social Contact and Conversation Listener Attentiveness and Encouragement Clarify, Paraphrase and Summarize Say What You Can Do
Approaching a Co-worker Social Contact Gauging Approachability Topic Shift Small Talk
Interrupting Asking for Information Social Contact and Conversation Interrupting Body Language
Organizing a Telephone Request Asking for Information Telephone Techniques Organizing Information
Asking for Help Asking for Information Gain Rapport Checking Roles Courtesy
Using Empathy with a Client Empathy What is Empathy Acknowledge
Fixing a Co-worker's Mistake Giving Feedback Clarifying Neutrality Using "I" Statements
Acknowledging an Error Receiving Feedback The steps for Acknowledging Take Responsibility Summarize
Handling a Busy Waiting Room
Refusing a Request Active Listening Assertive Behaviour
Assertiveness on the Phone Refusing a Request "I" Statements






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