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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

Communication Practice for Care Aides and Health Care Assistants


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24 lessons covering the communication competencies required to perform the nursing assistant skills.

Each lesson features one audio interaction of the skill being performed from start to finish,  practice exercises on key phrases, key skills, and a review section.

Outline of Units and Skills

Unit Name

Skill 1

Skill 2

Washing Hands


Communication Barriers

Feed Client

Asking for preferences

Building Relationships


Expressing Intent

Asking Questions

Fingernail Care

Small Talk

Showing Interest

Position on Side


Deduction and Probability

Transfer bed to wheelchair

Asking Clients to help you

Using courtesy

Assist client to use bedpan

Explaining Procedure

Pulse and Respiration

Explaining Reason for Procedure

Blood Pressure

Using Plain English to Explain Procedure

Oral Temperature

Accepting Compliments

Explaining Procedure

Donning Personal Protective Equipment

Explain use of equipment to client


Providing Foot Care

Small Talk

Answering Client's Questions

Give Modified Bed Bath


Perineal Care for Incontinent Client

Giving Praise

Asking to Repeat

Dressing Client with Weak Right Arm

Making Suggestions

Put on Knee High Elastic Stocking

Responding to Objections


Catheter Care

Declining Invitations

Small Talk

Measure and Record Urinary Output

Clarifying Instructions


Makes an Occupied Bed

Explaining Procedure

Measure and Record Weight of Ambulatory Client


Clean and Store Dentures

Checking Your Understanding


Provide Mouth Care

Taking Leave of Clients

Ending Conversation

Passive Range of Motion for one Shoulder


Explaining Procedure

Passive Range of Motion for one knee and ankle

Responding to Objections

Declining Invitations