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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

South Seattle Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals - Patient Centered


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Ten lessons focusing on specific communication strategies useful for working with patients in a variety of health care environments. Useful for new employees or students in the nursing pathway looking for practice on:

  • Learning how to talk with clients in an appropriate and comfortable manner.
  • Learning specific communication strategies needed on the job.

Each lesson includes audio and/or video interactions with interactive practice exercises on specific skills.


Greetings, Building Relationships, Using Courtesy, Overcoming Communication Barriers, Showing Empathy, The Interview, Teaching, Gaining Co operation,Assertiveness on the Phone, Assertiveness in Action

Unit Name
Competency 1
Competency 2
Skill 1
Skill 2
1 Greetings
Social Contact and Conversation
Small Talk
2 Building Relationships
Social Contact and Conversation
Asking for Information
Build Trust
Active Listening
3 Using Courtesy
Social Contact and Conversation
Courteous Language
4 Overcoming Communication Barriers
Social Contact and Conversation
Asking for Information
Managing Language Barrier
Visual or Hearing Barriers
5 Showing Understanding and Empathy
Social Contact and Conversation
Small Talk
Reflective Questions
6 Gaining Cooperation
Refusing a Request
Active Listening
Open-Ended Questions
7 Assertiveness on the Phone
Refusing a Request
Describing Feelings/Situation
8 Assertiveness in Action
Refusing a Request
Using "I" Statements
Body Language
9 Interviewing
Asking for Information
Types of Questions
Checking for Understanding
10 Teaching and Instructing
Giving Feedback
Participating in Group
How to Teach

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