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Online Language and Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills for Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistants


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Four lessons focusing on specific communication strategies useful for working with patients and colleagues in an occupational therapy environment in a clinic or hospital. Useful for new employees or students looking for practice on:

  • Learning how to talk with clients in an appropriate and comfortable manner.
  • Learning specific communication strategies needed on the job.

Lessons include audio and video interactions on a variety of topics including: Gaining Cooperation, Clarifying Tasks, Interrupting


The course is designed for students enrolled in healthcare courses at the college level. Extensive recording practice is provided and students are encouraged to use the exercises repeatedly to practice speaking skills. 


The complete course is designed to take 3 to 5 hours.

Instructor Support

Instructors can check student progress and listen to all the recordings. Using the SocioLearner Track Tag tool, Instructors can make text and audio comments directly on the students' audio tracks to provide feedback and encourage further practice.


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